Moving walk



Capacity:6750 persons/H/9000 persons/H

Step width:800mm/1000mm

Payment Terms:TT/L/C

Driving Type:Huaxing


Control Mode:Monarch


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Moving walk - Dongao Desen Elevator




    The company satisfies the transport requirement of large passenger flow in public traffic and transport areas such as the colorful modern city, large-size supermarket, public building, airport, exhibition center; transport hub etc. because of its own characteristics. It meets long-distance walk. People feel as easily as walking on firm earth while carrying luggage cart, baby' s cart, the vehicle for the disabled in moving walk. It is greatly convenient for the people* s outing and shopping.
    The moving walk size has been reduced due to the compact design of guiderail pre-mounting technol¬ogy, mechanical system and handrail drive system of The company moving walk, it thus effectively utilizes the building space.It can adopt variable frequency control or the automatic starting mode to fulfill the energy-saving.Moving walk has extremely strong conveying capacity. It can satisfy the traffic requirements of modern people in various aspects. It is applicable for the airport, shopping center; hotel, recreation center etc.



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