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DongAo Elevator is a professional elevator manufacturer with decades of history in elevator manufacturing. The company has strong technical force, mature production technology, advanced production equipment, and complete sales network. The main products are: Passenger elevator; Freight elevator; escalator; Moving sidewalk; Car elevator; Stretcher elevator; Hospital elevator; Grocery elevator; Home elevator; Sightseeing elevator; Stretcher elevator.

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passenger elevator components Advanced permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine technology and digital variable frequency technology enable the passengers to execute real-time adjust¬ment to motor current according to load changes. It greatly reduces average current of click-on-run. It thus cuts down power consumption. Compared with the traditional geared elevator; it saves 50% of energy. Compared with hydraulic elevator; it saves 60% of energy.
Unique double shock-absorbing functions and car activation design with buffer function effectively absorb and relieve the elevator start / operation, vibration m parking. It brings about the more comfortable. passenger elevator components

passenger elevator components

passenger elevator components

passenger elevator components

    passenger elevator components





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